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frustrating limitations (you can't attack or use terminals while stealthed). Losing my compassion. On the other hand, the final levels are much more difficult for a pure dark-sider because their Force powers are mainly offensive and will hardly ever work against the many, many Dark Jedi they encounter, who will devastate the PC with those same powers. You will forever stand alone.

Why the grenadiers turn out in such huge numbers on the Leviathan of all things leads into some Fridge Logic because it's, you know, a freaking starship where tossing explosives by the bazillion isn't exactly the brightest idea. It can also be used to drain the Force out of Light Side users, imprisoning them in a state of horrifying undeath and converting their connection to the Force into raw material.

Everybody you help (or don't) dies almost immediately afterwards, when the Sith fleet glasses the planet. Unless you're going for a complete, no-holds-barred Dark Side or Light Side mastery playthrough, odds are you're going to find a situation to one direction or the other at least once where you'll make an exception just because the alternative is so ludicrous. He can't be accessed until all Star Maps have been found, and the encounter that triggers him is severely bugged, so it's dangerously easy to make him unavailable by accident. Canderous mentions that the Sith made them an offer to attack the Republic, and some of the supplemental material reveals that Revan and Malak had met the True Sith forces before launching their conquest. Dark Lord of the Sith, darth Malak. Required Party Member : You get forced to take Carth when you first enter Taris. Dual Boss : Calo and Davik at the end of Taris. Asshole Victim : The murder victim of a case which forms a sidequest on Dantooine; he was cheating his business partner of money and had an affair with another associate's wife, giving both men understandable motives to kill him.

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Kleptomaniac Hero : You can loot and steal to your heart's content without getting Dark Side points for. Now shut up and kiss me, you fool. The Dark Side Will Make You Forget : Yuthura Ban joined the Sith to gain the power to end slavery, but is now more concerned with advancing her own power within the Sith hierarchy. KotOR for two of their following franchises, which gained equal fame: Dragon Age and, mass Effect. Money for Nothing : In the Rakatan Temple on Lehon at the end of the game, you can find 5000 credits in one of the footlockers in the temple. It's entirely possible to get your client acquitted even if you know full well amf wantagh lanes hours that he is guilty, and it is not considered a Dark Side action (unless you confront him about it and agree to defend him).

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