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dark characters to be more interesting, or because they might believe the whole series had an annoyingly Black and White Morality and was a tad too Anvilicious. Arguably, Bartemius Crouch. "Funny Aneurysm" Moment : After Ron gets splinched horribly, all of those descriptions that make it sound like a vaguely humorous annoyance earlier in the story aren't so funny anymore. Yet, a scary troll would fit in the more darker sequels.

OK, Ron can be a bit of a jealous jerk at times, but is that any reason to turn him into a Big Bad Wannabe? The first novel in particular is very innocent and child-friendly in its presentation of the Wizarding World. She's the cause of death for half of her non-Death-Eater family members, including Sirius Black and Nymphadora Tonks, as well as Dobby, and delights in the torment these deaths cause. Crossed it (only in the novel) when he disowns his son during his trial. But the fans think this letter is an insult and continue to boycott the studio. But we don't know how it ended broken, or in Harry's hands. Awesome Ego : Voldemort may be a mass murdering, self-absorbed psychopath but damn is he cool!

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The Marauders in general (although Sirius and Lupin get this a lot to the point where there's an entire sub-genre of fanfiction focused on their exploits. Another is Bellatrix writing on Hermione's arm with a knife. His friendship with Ron is portrayed as a deep loving one, without playing any Ho Yay for comedy or "no homo" moments. Many fans seem to feel responsible for reversing both Houses' in-universe Flanderization ; if you meet any self-identified Hufflepuff or Slytherin fans, you can look forward to some long, detailed lectures about how there's more to both Houses than most people think. Family-Unfriendly Aesop : The forces of law and order are either incompetent (Dumbledorenote especially during Order of the Phoenix impotent (the teachers or detrimental (the Ministry and the main characters achieve greatness repeatedly if not exclusively through rule-breaking. Played straight for Savvy American readers did their best to ignore Mary azteca coupons spokane wa Granpre's illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, as sometimes it wasn't hard to figure out plot points from them. It was with Prisoner of Azkaban that the series became a more Pragmatic Adaptation. Rowling's scorn, as both Aunt Marge and Umbridge are obvious caricatures of her. Memetic Molester : Moaning Myrtle, who peeks in on people bathing and using the bathroom. This was greatly helped along by Rowling's love of Red Herrings and Chekhov's Armouries, which encouraged many fans to consider seemingly established facts as misleading while considering seemingly unimportant details as important. There's also the fact that Harry at the end of the books, by inheriting Kreacher from Sirius, ends up becoming a slaveowner himself, and the final lines of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before the epilogue, about Harry musing asking for Kreacher.

skeeter beater coupon code

Rowling's scorn, as both Aunt Marge and Umbridge are obvious caricatures of her.
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