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"fixed" to prevent The End of the World as We Know It, and Ken's run ended with Sonic going back in time to do just that. In the relatively obscure OVA Virgin Fleet, one of the key plot points is that the main character and his girlfriend cannot get married due to her being a part of the titular Virgin Fleet, which relies upon Virgin Power. Many fans consider this the animated equivalent of the Superboy-Prime punches time meme. Makes for Fridge Horror when you realize his entire afterlife has been being brutally bullied for fifty years. However, when it came time to do a spinoff featuring the Minions, that was understandably too restrictive, so the Minions instead became creatures that existed since the dawn of time to serve evil. Travel to Rochester, New York, to view Susans original quilt and visit the Susan. Most likely, this is done for game balance reasons, but the in-game explanation is that wearing armor makes it harder to do the gestures for the spells properly. August 26, 2017 3:00 pm, judith Black will portray Lucy Stone in a first person presentation about a renown suffragist and abolitionist. So this implies that the holodeck uses power like everything else on the ship, and the Voyager explanation thus creates an inconsistency. Supplementary material explained Ra's appearance in that his previous host was an Asgard, and given their technological superiority, this also handily explains why he was the top Goa'uld (the new name for their species).

This explanation raises the kuipers pumpkin farm coupons question: why would the Yoshis on a tropical island evolve to become deathly allergic to the water surrounding them, when traditional Yoshis are fine with it? Doctor Who : Doctor Who 's initial explanation for how the tardis crew could understand the Daleks was explained in The Dalek Book as being because the Dalek "voices" are a form of electronic telepathy, so they can speak in their own language and anyone. Rather than answer the question, they eventually stripped the adamantium from Bullseye. World of Warcraft : A rather complicated example regarding the Big Bad Lich King from Wrath of the Lich King. Who recovered his armor from the ruins? Silent Hill 2 is a macabre Survival Horror title featuring a young man who receives a letter from his deceased wife, imploring him to meet her at "their special place which turns out to be a weird ghost town where all his subconscious fears and. In Digimon Adventure 02, the out-of-story reason why the main characters of Digimon Adventure are no longer able to digivolve to ultimate or mega is that they can't upstage the new kids. The final revelation of Samantha Mulder's fate in The X-Files : In short, she was literally taken up to heaven by angels to become a celestial spirit so that the aliens would not kill her. Then, speculation raged as to which games - before and since - belonged to the "Adult" and "Child" timelines, hinging on how Link defeated the evil Ganondorf, and what became of the hero afterwards.

If the residents are hallucinations as well, how can everyone have conversations with them? Similar to, dork Age but specific to an episode's plot device. What was wrong with using that in the show?

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